Press Release

3BY Introduces Special Packaging Kit for Dental Implants
Tefen, Israel.
3BY, a leading provider of turn-key projects for medical device companies, has launched a new cost-effective dental implant packaging system.
The packaging kit, which ensures the protection of expensive dental components, includes a plastic tube and an implant protection layer made from special materials approved for medical use. The protection layer separates the tube and the implant and prevents any friction.
Once the implant is removed, the protection layer moves with the implant and eliminates the risk of creating plastic chips. The implant comes out clean and free of chips.
The dental industry was faced with the challenge of developing plastic dental packaging solutions at a reasonable production while complying with the strictest health requirements and regulations. 3BY has decided therefore, to try an offer a packaging solution that is cost-effective and ensures the protection of dental implants.
"Dental implants are usually stored in special, expensive glass packages," said Zvika Haim, 3BY's CEO. "Cheaper plastic packages are not used because of the fear that when the implant is removed from the package friction between the implant and the plastic box may result in little plastic chips that will stick to the dental thread. The chips might penetrate the patient’s gums and infect them."