Press Release

3BY develops innovative universal ampoule breaker
Tefen, Israel.
3BY, a leading provider of turn-key projects for medical device companies, has developed an innovative universal ampoule breaker that fits all sizes, simplifies the breakage of the cap and firmly grasps the cap for safe disposal. 
The unique ampoule breaker is suitable for both medical and cosmetic applications, ensuring safe handling at low cost.
The need to develop a special ampoule breaker arises from the fact that glass ampoules containing medicine or other liquids are usually opened by breaking them by hand or by snipping the neck of the ampoule.
"Opening ampoules by hand exposes the user to the possibility of sharps injuries," said Zvika Haim, 3BY's CEO. "Snipping the ampoule’s neck is also risky and may result in glass chips entering the patient’s blood vessels, clogging the blood passages and causing irreversible damage. We decided, therefore, to come up with an innovative solution that is safe and cost effective."
3BY's ampoule breaker offers the following advantages: 
  • Eliminates injury
  • One size fits all
  • Quick and easy opening
  • Safe disposal
  • Cost effective